Leading off our 25th Anniversary Limited Run of putters, we are proud to bring back the BB1 MS, one of Robert’s first putters ever produced. This limited 352-gram blade is milled from 303 Stainless Steel and features a Stainless Gold-Plated insert with our new Mini Honeycomb face milling. The Mid-Style Plumber’s neck, which is 30% longer than a traditional Plumber’s neck, gives a fresh appearance to Robert’s timeless design. From address, the body has a Tour Blast finish, while the stunning face is High-Polished, matching the original look of the 1999 BB1 MS. The heel features an open Hex milling with Roman numerals “XXV” to emphasize the significance of this Silver Anniversary putter, while the sole showcases a “1/250” engraving to mark its limited quantity. This modern iteration of a classic putter comes paired with a black leather 25th Anniversary headcover and a black 25th Anniversary Gripmaster perforated leather grip.

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