HEX B Super Stroke Pistol GT Tour

499 kr.

  • Width: 1.09″
  • Weight: 69g
  • Core: 0.58″

NEW! For the first time and now available to the public, we’ve collaborated with our friends at Super Stroke to offer their premium grips, co-branded across a multitude of styles. The all-new custom Bettinardi Hex B Super Stroke Pistol GT Tour grip combines Super Stroke’s pistol-style top section and classic traditional Tour profile to help golfers lock in their upper hand position and maintain even pressure on the club. Featuring a fully custom Hex and Honeycomb pattern across the grip, ‘Bettinardi’ printed on both sides, and a Hex B on the front. Feel like a Bettinardi Tour pro now by upgrading your favorite Bettinardi putter with this Super Stroke Pistol GT Tour grip.

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